Sermons by Series


 Inspiration writes: "It is not enough to have good intentions; it is not enough to do what a man thinks is right or what the minister tells him is right. His soul's salvation is at stake, and he should search the Scriptures for himself. However strong may be his convictions, however confident he may be that the minister knows what is truth, this is not his foundation. He has a chart pointing out every waymark on the heavenward journey, and he ought not to guess at anything (Great Controversy, 598)."  The following presentations are practical tips on approaches for Bible based Bible study.  

The Nature of the Book: Pastor Ivor Myers

Ellen White and Hermeneutics: Isaac Eliot Part A

Ellen White and Hermeneutics: Isaac Eliot Part B

Teach A Man To Fish Part 1: Isaac Eliot

Ellen White and Prophetic Interpretation: Pastor Stephen P. Bohr

The Whole Secret of Prayer: Pastor Martin Kim

The Flood and the the Last days: Pastor Stephen P. Bohr

The Book of Nature: Pastor Ivor Myers

The Workman's Tool Box: Pastor Ivor Myers

The Divine Designs Part 1: Pastor Ivor Myers

The Divine Designs Part 2: Pastor Ivor Myers

The Blue Print Part 3: Earth's Final Movie: Pastor Ivor Myers



The following sermons are systematic presentations on various doctrines and studies on Bible prophecy from various evangelists, pastors, and bible workers that we at The Final Generation volunteer for from various evangelistic seminars that they conducted. The topics covered include righteousness by faith, bible prophecy, state of the dead, the investigative judgment, health and wellness, and many other systematic truths from the Bible.  We pray that you will be blessed by these powerful presentations from God's word.

The Proposal (The Love of God Towards Man) by Pastor Ivor Myers

Our Day In Bible Prophecy (The prophetic time-line of Daniel 2) 

Striking of the Empires (The prophetic time-line of Daniel 2) by Pastor Ivor Myers

The Seed of Bible Prophecy (The everlasting gospel) by Evangelist Taj Pacleb

The Family Tree (The 70 Week Prophecy) by Pastor Ivor Myers

Israel and Bible Prophecy by Evangelist Taj Pacleb

Facing The Judgment With Confidence (Investigative Judgment) by Evangelist Taj Pacleb

The Way Home (The Sanctuary) by Pastor Ivor Myers

Where Is He Now? (Christ High Priest Ministry) by Pastor Ivor Myers

The Exoneration (The Law of God) by Pastor Ivor Myers

The Whole Duty To Man (The Law of God) by Evangelist Dwayne Lemon

Now I know (The Law of God/Faith and Works) by Elder Randy Skeete

A Day To Remember (The Sabbath) by Evangelist Dwayne Lemon

God's Fire Drill (The Sabbath) by Pastor Ivor Myers

Demons In Disguise: (State of the Dead) Pastor Ivor Myers

Can the Dead Speak? (State of the Dead) Evangelist Jeremiah Davis

Living To Die or Dying To Live (Baptism): Evangelist Taj Pacleb

Why There Are So Many Denominations: Evangelist Taj Pacleb

The Truth Cast Down (Anti Christ): Pastor Ivor Myers

DNA of the Beast (Mark of the Beast): Pastor Ivor Myers

The Battle Plan of the Beast (Mark of the Beast): Pastor Ivor Myers

The Truth Restored (The Remnant Church): Pastor Ivor Myers

Babylon and Israel (Babylon): Pastor Ivor Myers

A Love That Transforms (Christian Standards): Evangelist Taj Pacleb

A Message from Outer Space (Test of a true prophet): Evangelist Taj Pacleb

A Biblical Call For Health Reform: Evangelist Dwayne Lemon

How To Postpone Your Funeral (Healthful Living): Evangelist Taj Pacleb

A Investment You Can Trust (Tithing) Evangelist Mario L. Navarro

The Sin that God Does Not Forgive (Rejecting the Holy Spirit) Evangelist Taj Pacleb